Torino e-district

Research on Electric Vehicles

Torino e-district is a research centre established between small-medium enterprises with the scope of developing concepts, prototypes, fleets and the related manufacturing facilities for electric vehicles and the underlying components, through a vertically-organized supply chain which has its centre of gravity in the Area of Torino (Italy)

Research and Development

Torino e-district is a research centre, as labelled by the European Research Executive Agency on the basis of the Italian and European regulation. Performing Research & Innovation in the field of electrical mobility for its industrial partners, it has also, as a primary mission, to educate future engineers, technicians and post-degree fellows in the development of electric vehicles, from concept to mass manufacturing.

European Partnership

Collaborating with more than 100 partners in Europe, Torino e-district is part of a network including leading academia and excellence centres, #1 technology providers, OEMs and Tier1 in the automotive sector.

Environmental Sustainability

Torino e-district is committed to Zero-emission mobility, with no compromises and no workarounds. The solutions developed inside Torino e-district are based on full electrical mobility, encompassing energy harvesting with both on-board and off-board Photovoltaic generation. Vehicle to home battery storage and swapping is also addressed.

Deep-rooted in the territory

Torino e-district partnership is extended to SMEs, Large Industries, Research & Technology Organisations operating in the regional area. Torino e-district first aim is to organise an integrated supply-chain on Electro-Mobility in Piedmont.

With strong competences on collaborative project management from preparation and submission up to reporting and auditing procedures, Torino e-district supports its members in a successful access to European and Regional funding. Advanced cloud-based platforms, remote and mobile conferencing instruments, project monitoring systems for efficient and cost-effective online collaboration can be offered for both members and external parties.

Torino e-district main competence is on vehicle integration. By the use of most advanced software simulation systems, Hardware-in-the-loop and dynamic vehicle testing facilities, electric powertrain systems are developed from specification up to testing and validation.

Through the link with leading system and technology providers, Torino e-district offers strong competences on Electrical and Electronic architectures, including power conversion systems, safe and secure real-time communication systems, advanced Human-machine interfaces and remote monitoring systems.

With strong experience in the diffusion of the results of collaborative project, Torino e-district can offer its competences in the organisation of events, in the preparation of papers, presentations, visual and multimedia artefacts and in in the set-up of stands and kiosks for fairs and other public occurrences.

Torino e-district

is part of a network comprising more than 100 large industries, research institutions and small-medium enterprises in Europe dealing with electro-mobility and the underlying technologies. Torino e-district, born in late 2012, is active in the development of information and communication technologies, powertrain systems, recharging infrastructures, monitoring and conversion systems, novel materials and structures, advanced manufacturing.

In his facilities a constant presence of research fellows and students from leading institutions and companies in Italy and in Europe makes its human environment a pleasant and stimulating place to work, learn and improve knowledge, also giving the possibilities to young graduates to both “touch and experiment the future” and get introduced to world #1 hi-tech companies.

Torino e-district and the companies part of it, everyday are invited to be partners in new R&T and development initiatives, in a virtuous circle of expanding business, green technological improvement, and better quality of life, his network constantly expanding with new entries and start-ups, reinforced by stronger cooperation with long-run established institutions.



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